Sactown might be the greatest person to ever live. He is intelligent, sexy, skilfull, and witty. What more could you ask for.
by Not Sactown June 13, 2004
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(n)a split personality of shift, sactown can whore threads, and sometimes even entire forums with false information that in all, makes the one who is a sactown, an idiot (please see fzn-shift )

(v)to whore a forum, to be gay
"Sactown is a farthead" ---->PREJAC

"Sactown is gay" --->>db

"Sactown is gay" --->Muff

"Hey sactown, your gay" --->90% of CAL
by 90% of CAL May 6, 2004
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fake azz niggas who say sac town aint got no real hoods but they to scared to go to north gate the heights the manors and all the real ghettos out here.
them sactown hatas from la just got shot fo disrespectin sac town hoodz
by $@CtO Hu$tL@ March 14, 2010
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when a hater comes up to you and trys to claim yo territory, you start a Sactown trip, they get yo nerves worked....
Ay, listen to this, the otha day my homie Rico had a Sactown trip cuz of some hater from up town.......
by Candyman 0f the 916 November 13, 2006
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When two males press their anuses together and pass farts back and forth.
Dan and Eddie's romantic afternoon was filled with rusty trombones and sactown shotguns.
by PGW-PSW February 25, 2016
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When two fellas pass a fart back and forth from ass to ass.
Also known as a "Sacramento shotgun."
Frank: "Dan, I want to kidnap you so we can press our buttholes really close together and pass a fart back and forth."
Dan: "You mean a sactown shotgun?"
Eddie: *laughs*
shotgun dan eddie fart sacramentosactown
by Siftshow March 6, 2016
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