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Sackman also know as:The Man Sack, he is a man of his sack. He is made up of a huge scrotum, and if a man posses the Blessing of the Sackman he will be an all mighty Sackgod.
1st example

Eddie: WOW, Alec is such a Sackgod.
Vince: Totaly bro.
Eddie: He is probabaly blessed by the Sackman

2nd Example

Debra: Last night when I was with Boris his skin was as rough as the Sackman!
Gertrude: OMG I'm wet now!!
Debra: Same.
by Sackman5000 October 11, 2015
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An amazing last name to have, if someone has the last name Sackman, you should call them that because it makes an amazing nickname. Sackmans are usually hard workers, in fact, the name Sackman is usually a working-class last name. The origin is Germany.

Sackmans will achieve great things if they put their minds to it, they prove that anything is possible.
Person: Hey, Sackman! Wanna hang out later?

Sackman: Sure thing! Meet me at 7!
by One of many Sackmans May 21, 2010
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SACKMAN is a lovely name to have as it makes a good nickname. He is a legend if he is called Sackman as he is a god.
Hey, I played with Sackman yesterday he blessed me.
by Sachm-03 June 08, 2018
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