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Somebody who is deceptive, ignorant or otherwise unpleasantly cunning. Not a friendly, jovial term, a Sackhead is very much similar to a dickhead, in which said person is claimed to have a penis, or in this case a (Nut)'Sack' upon their head.
'Matt is a Sackhead'

'Only a Sackhead would do that'
by Mightybear April 11, 2006
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Someone with no hair on their Head. (A bald person)

They are called a 'sack' head because their head looks like a hairless scrotum.
Timmy's got no hair left, he's become a sackhead.
by MilkDudlington August 23, 2016
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Hair tied into a bun that resembles a ball sack. A potential sackhead begins as a perky, well proportioned bun. Through continued exposure to life, that once perky bun becomes a sagging shell of what it used to be.

If a friend is sporting a sackhead, it is your duty to promptly alert them of the saggage upon their head so they can fix it immediately.
"I can't believe Kristin actually went to the store with a sackhead, she really needs to fix that hair!"

"After working out, Katie's once perfect bun has become a sackhead."
by Ethel_8000 February 28, 2018
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