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-To let someone down.
-To back out of an arrangement to go somewhere.
Girl 1: i was going to go cinema last night but tom is a total sack off so i ended up sitting at home eating cake.
Girl 2:that sack off tom is so lame.
by emiweebledoo January 22, 2009
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To ditch or leave someone in your crew behind. Often because they have become iritating on a night out or hatin' on you.
If Dan doesn't chill I'm gonna sack him off tonight!

Gazzy P is in a right mood I'm gonna sack him off soon

I might have to sack-off you. I will give you 10mins then we're bailing to the next club.
by rdykester December 20, 2006
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a game that is played to claim a victor. this usually comes after a disagreement between two or more people. to preform this game all players must first have a sack(burlap will work) than a sack master, so there is no dispute to who is the winner, must clear the sack path and ready the participants for action. when the game is stared the participants jump in their sack to a set point all pushing and shoving is allowed. weapons are prohibited
dude 1: i can't believe you had sex with my girl
dude 2: well i think it was ok because she wanted my cock
dude 1: fuck you its a sack off now bitch
dude 2: ill fuck you up like i fucked your girl
by Auguy21 April 19, 2010
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A new method off masturbation, generally employed by middle aged men who have got bored of the conventional method.
It simply involves rubbing ones "ball sack" until ejaculation. By acheiving orgasm through merely rubbing ones balls, you can be described as "sacking off" as opposed to the more usual "jacking off".
Clearly can be used in many tenses, and as a verb, noun and adjective;
I, he, she is going to sack off tonight.
I, he, she sacked off last night.
I, he, she had a really good sack off last night.
I, he, she is a total sacker offer.
"I'm going to go home, open a bud, put on MTV2 and have a good sack off to the Pussycat Dolls video".

"Stop talking shit, you sacker off"

"You're a real sack off"

"Last night was amazing, my girlfriend came round for the annual blowjob and steak day (March 20th - google it!!), but she surprised me at dinner by sticking her hands down my pants and giving me the most amazing sacking off"
by The Sacker Offer February 24, 2006
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Mild substitue for the stronger 'fuck off', used by kids in the 1970's Derbyshire playgrounds if in earshot of 'the dinnerlady'.
similar in use to the Aussie 'Rack Off'

The word 'sack' replaces 'fuck' in other uses:
Sack All - nothing
Sackin' Ada - 'kin'ell.. an exclamation of surprise
Sack it off - to get rid of or finish (also Sack it)

Sacked Off - fed up with or bored with or pissed off with
kid 1 "who's brock me pencil, was it you?"
Kid 2 "Sack Off, I ant ad it"

eg 2:
Kid 1 'Gizza Chip mate?'
Kid 2 'An you can Sack off an all Get yer own chips'

Alternative 'clean' Lyrics to 'Its so Easy' by Guns 'n' Roses

"I see you standin' there, you think you're so cool
Why don't you just...
Sack Off!"
by Mr Cunninglinguist October 04, 2012
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