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1. A word that is screamed into your Xbox 360 mic after you kill someone.

2. The universal word to yell in a high pitched voice, used when you burn someone. usually a midget (see Kyle Grandaw)
Person 1: o that's right mother fucker i just merked on you. Rapeskadittles!!!
Person 2: yeah whatever your just an asshole :(
by Auguy21 April 18, 2010

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a game that is played to claim a victor. this usually comes after a disagreement between two or more people. to preform this game all players must first have a sack(burlap will work) than a sack master, so there is no dispute to who is the winner, must clear the sack path and ready the participants for action. when the game is stared the participants jump in their sack to a set point all pushing and shoving is allowed. weapons are prohibited
dude 1: i can't believe you had sex with my girl
dude 2: well i think it was ok because she wanted my cock
dude 1: fuck you its a sack off now bitch
dude 2: ill fuck you up like i fucked your girl
by Auguy21 April 19, 2010

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a midget that is way to fucking annoying for his own good, everyone wants to kick his ass or leave him in a crib because he wouldn't be able to get out
Person 1: Dude if you don't stop i will drop you mother fucker
Person 2: I will help than leave your limp body in a crib
Person 3: Rapeskadittles!! Kyle Grandaw
Kyle: ok i ll stop jesus
by Auguy21 April 18, 2010

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