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Sexual activity involving the intentional smacking, flicking, punching, kicking or striking of the male ballsack for gratification. May involve hitting with the hand or other device such as a riding crop.
I hired a DOM off the internet and she tied me up and did some sack smacking. Hurt like hell but we both enjoyed the experience.
by Eaton Holgoode April 26, 2017
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Any action in which, during sexual intercourse, the male genitalia hits any part of the female's body. Most common while having sex doggy-style when the male's testicles are hanging loose and they slap the female's pubes during thrusting
Man, that pornstar's balls are hung and he's banging the chick doggystyle! Check out the sacksmacking dude!!
by hanginghorse87 August 20, 2010
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