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Sachiko is a name originated from Japan. It is quite an old name, so many young people in Japan are not named sachiko. Instead, a more modern name of sachiko is used. That name is sachi. Sachiko means child of happiness in Japanese. Sachiko is also very beautiful, loving, and kind. Many people adore sachiko.
Wow! Look how happy she looks! She must be a sachiko!

sachiko sachi kind beautiful happy
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by wutsup January 11, 2017
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Originally used by Nana Komatsu, this is a name she made up when she kept imagining that her boyfriend Shouji was having a secret relationship in the anime/manga "Nana". Eventually, he did cheat on her, with a girl named Sachiko Kawamura.

A Sachiko is often described as a "man stealer".

A Sachiko is actually really sweet and is unaware of the man she's dating's other girlfriend/wife
Shouji and Sachiko go to the same school, are going for the same major, and even work together! Kyousuke, who only likes tan girls even thinks she's cute. This could be bad... And it did get bad. Go watch Nana episode 14.
by Ami-chan August 03, 2010
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