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The Suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death defying Sabu. Wrestled for ECW around and before 2000 (when the company became bankrupt), and will be wrestling for ECW when it returns to the SciFi channel June 13th.

He has held all four of the ECW championships, which means that he is one of the only two people to hold the FTW (Fuck the world) championship, the other being Taz. he is most known for moves involving a steel chair. He tends to simply throw the chair at the opponent, and also sets it up in the ring, running at it, jumping on it, jumping onto the top rope from the chair, and diving to the outside (Yes, he's that fucking hardcore).
Sabu just did a triple jump moonsault through a table on Rey Mysterio!!!!
by ThePowersThatBe June 10, 2006
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means 'She's A Big Unit' or 'She's A Big Un' - what you call a fat girl.
That Irish lass over there is a right SABU!

I can't believe how much of a SABU she is over there!

I pulled a right SABU last night, she was terrible!
by ScottDoberman August 23, 2011
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1. What Lila calls "the muffiny."

2. One of those Hamtaro characters who appears with his girlfriend (who is actually a bird named Francois).

3. One of those crazy wrestlers, but no wrestler is as crazy as Crazy Luke.
1. "Awwwwwww, Sabu is the muffiny! ^-^" - Lila

2. Sabu visits the Ham-Ham Clubhouse sometimes.

3. Sabu used to wrestle in the ECW.
by DVGBA February 21, 2004
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