1- A metal instrument used for sitting.

2- More commonly related to wrestling where this basic insutrument can become a weapon of violence, pain, rage, anger, surprisingly, satisfaction.
Oh no, he's going for the steel chair!
by ..::matthew::.. July 16, 2004
To do something you're not supposed to do because the person who *is* supposed to do it is taking too long.
Alex was struggling to edit the video but then Ron came in with the steel chair.

It took Nevada so long to get the votes counted, Pennsylvania had to come in with the steel chair.
by Sir Jolteon November 9, 2020
The act of throwing a steel chair to cause irrational anger in a crowd.

Originated from The Boondocks episode "Grandad's Fight"
1. "Ayo he just created a steel chair effect"

2. "The crowds anger was caused by the steel chair effect"
by GalacticNCrazy September 22, 2021
The act of throwing a steel chair either in the air or on the ground that causes a mass anger in a crowd that causes them to get mad over nothing or something as little as a steel chair.

This idea originally came from The Boondocks episode "Grandad's Fight"
*Chair is thrown*
Person 1: Oh my god a chair!
*Chair falls*
Person 2: Now I'm mad
Person 3: And that's the steel chair effect.
by GalacticNCrazy September 13, 2021
when someone sits on a chair and gets up and there is a shit stain where the person was sitting
when he got up, he left a rusty steel chair, gross
by jrobohn October 12, 2014