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A wanna-be leet who thinks everything evil is actually good and vice versa. Claims to have made up his name when he saw a bottle of Castrol GTX motor oil but keeps denying it.
RealGTX is a member of the Illuminati (a real pointless group of wanna-ba leets).
by DVGBA February 21, 2004
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1. What Lila calls "the muffiny."

2. One of those Hamtaro characters who appears with his girlfriend (who is actually a bird named Francois).

3. One of those crazy wrestlers, but no wrestler is as crazy as Crazy Luke.
1. "Awwwwwww, Sabu is the muffiny! ^-^" - Lila

2. Sabu visits the Ham-Ham Clubhouse sometimes.

3. Sabu used to wrestle in the ECW.
by DVGBA February 21, 2004
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A group of wanna-ba forum hackers whose sole mission is to invade party topics and bully around anyone who they feel is "inferior" to them. In my encounters with them, they will make up any lie they can, only to make themselves look good. They usually don't care for the truth and rely on lame "1337 speak" to lure innocent pre-teens to them and shape them into what I describe them as "wanna-be badass pre-teens." They are those who usually have a deadjournal and write n00bish entries about how they think they are the coolest things on the internet.

The Illuminati's greatest stength is in its number of "allies" and the way they bully up on those who are well known with girls, have a interest in Hamtaro and similar anime/games/etc, and/or make simple typos that make them look "homosexual." Usually, their methods would involve anti-homosexual comments, spreading false rumors, impersonations, and massive amounts of ego-boosting.

They are responsible for scaring away all-around nice forum goers such as myself. They are typically banned from the forums that they attempt to invade. If you see them on the forums you go to, the admins would make short work of them in due time.
The Illuminati have such huge egos and are very selfish.
by DVGBA March 5, 2005
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