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Sabastian a perfect specimen of a man.Well manicured,clothes pressed,whitest teeth ever.A passionate lover,friend,and art fanatic.Publishes poetry and woes all the girls.Danger keep away your women because he is the smoothest of all operators.He is highly intellectual and likes to outsmart the best of them just for shits and giggles.Very out going and loyal and has many of men creating rumors about his sexuality cause he that suave. He is the ultimate in security for his own sexual orientation....point blank
The Sabastian guy is gay he'll never fall for you, but I am free tonight.
He'll pull a Sabastian on you!!
I seen sabastian at the men's revue with a bunch of his fag hags last night.
Sabastian like blumkins!
by chaosofbaycity January 28, 2012
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Sabastian is one of the best people you could ever meet. He will always be there for you when needed, well if he likes you. He is loyal and caring to the people he loves. You don’t want to get on his bad side you’ll regret it. Sabastian is very weird and you might think he’s crazy, but overall he is a great person once you get to know him.
I got on Sabastian’s bad side and he exposed me so hard I cried . Sabastian is a great person I love having him as a friend.
by CeBash September 29, 2019
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you’re average bully (most of the time) He can be funny but not always in a good way. often gets a hair cut and is antisocial at times. only child and wants constant attention. he skips girl to girl and wouldn’t stay loyal. Not to be trusted at all! he also had silky hair
omgsh! Sabastian isn’t at school today yay!

I hope Sabastian doesn’t leave me for Jessica...
Did you see Sabastian’s hair today? It was so silky!
by casiala344 April 27, 2018
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An amazing Awesome guy, who gives off the 'I don't care" vibe when you first meet them. However once they open up they are some of the sweetest and loyal people you will know. A big romantic too. Dark humor but can still make you laugh. They have some of the best laughs ever and their smile is so lovely and bright. They get attached so don't go breaking their delicate hearts. When you are with them you feel like you are the most speciel person in the world.
We all need a Sabastian in our lives.
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by Sabastian's wife❤ December 14, 2020
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Sabastian can be one out of two people. A good looking , sweet and chill dude that smokes a lot of weed. And very wise OR a rat looking asshole who keeps asking for nudes. Even though he seems to collect them from girls.
Sabastian #1: "want to come chill? I got weed and after I might cook for you."

Sabastian #2: "I want to see everything! But later dont snap me. I'll be "sad" I'll probably take it out on you! But go to the bathroom and snap a picture. Even though I know you got a man.
by Its._.just._.beanie June 15, 2020
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A homosexual male, usually European, who enjoys drunk men in bed with him. Commenly works as a fudge packer
Dating service lady: "so what are you looking for in a partner?"
Sabastian: "I like being held by strong, firm arms and long walks on the beach and I love smothering my face in caramel!"
Dating service lady: "What did you say your name was? Sabastian? No wonder...."
by Lex Russian May 15, 2008
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