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A tall, gangly Indian who frequently "slays the monster" and "bleeds his lizard," according to legend. Much like Big Foot, he is not able to be captured on film and many claims to have witnessed the beast have been refuted.
"Dude once I saw Saahil."
"No you didn't."
by Dayu January 28, 2009
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a retarded indian boi that watches anime and reads manga. did i mention hes inidan. oh and also i have to mention he is black and indian
damn dude, saahil is a retarded indian boi
by Saahil's Retarded Asia Man Fri January 18, 2018
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He has a big dick and will give you a lecture on the Renaissance while caressing Steve Kim's asshole. He is a sexual deviant who will stop at nothing to "get his dick wet". Also he is either 5'2" or 6'5". He has nappy hair and he is a very exuberant Indian with a powerful fighting spirit. He can beat the shit out of any Vedant.
"whoa! is that saahil?"
by Jenny Verrett aka Mr. Kelly January 22, 2018
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The guy who is found out to be the reason behind 9:11. He is still alive with a but chin out there. beware this man. he will eat you.
Saahil will rape a man and swallow some of them
by asgager October 17, 2017
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