You're just looking this up because you saw the challenge on TikTok and now your kinda disappointed there's nothing here. Your name is most likely Isaac or that spelt different because your parents wanted to be 'unique'.
"Hey John I don't feel so good. I think I'm having a stroghf tulghf saa blughdbejcnd"
Saa is Irish Slang for Sir ;D

Mostly used in Donegal as we are the banter lads ;)
Q: Where ya from lad?
A: Im from Donegal saa, yourself?

Q: Whats the craic with ya?
A: Ahh not alot, alls quite saa.
by Irishness ;D June 24, 2011
Short for the Colt Single Action Army, a .45 calibre revolver.
This is the Colt Single Action Army, the greatest handgun ever made. Six bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves.
by Snake April 5, 2005
Smiles all around. Generally used by typical hufflepuffs, this happy acronym is used to show happiness despite tough times.
Haha Good game. I lost, but SAA!
by happy_hufflepuff February 6, 2015
by rilip February 4, 2010
Abbreviation for "Saint Agnes Academy"

A private school for girls in Memphis that teaches justice, respect, peace, and how to protect yourself from lice.
SAA has much more class than SBA.
by Stargirl4830 February 23, 2017
S.A.A.S (Shit and a shower) the act of emptying your bowels from your rear end before going for a shower.
"Just going for a SAAS"
by Caramellowe June 17, 2019