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The word "SWEEN" is used to describe something totally fucking awesome.

It originates from the Male, known to be, Sween, anything that he approves to be sween, is sween. End of.
If someone does a Backflip whilst eating, that is so SWEEN!

If Chuck Norris had a child, that would be SWEEN!
by Sween<3 June 23, 2009
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Used as an alternative to the word 'sweet'.

A word used to describe a positive feeling or reaction to something as in 'awesome' or 'thats great'.

Jeff - Hello friend, i just bought us a jagerbomb and a cheekie

Paul - Sween
by Paul Azzopardi October 18, 2006
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1) to do everything right and then choke when it really matters, esp. when trying to get a girl's number.

2) to have been played by a girl you've been trying to hit on.

noun form: sweener
adjective form: sweeney (note: does not apply to girls in definition 2. Instead use words like bitch or the c-word -- it gets confusing otherwise)
past tense: sweened
1) I was talking to her one-on-one but seeing how sweeney I am, I couldn't land her number by the time she left.

2) "Dude, I was talking to her on the bus for a good 20 minutes and I thought she was into me, but left without saying a word!"

"Damn man, you got sweened!"
by evs9 September 07, 2009
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this is soooo sween. this is some sween shit g-dawg.
by Dusty June 27, 2003
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To take advantage of a friendship for personal gain. Generally sween-type actions against non-friends would result in the sweener being struck in the face. This word orignates from the Sweeney family, who are known 'sweeners'.
"I can't believe Carl SWEENED my last beer while I was in the shitter. If he wasn't my friend I would strike him in the face."
by wvadam January 23, 2009
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1. verb: to strike one in both arms and across the face in a vicious manner with little or no cause whatsoever.
2. noun: a malicious, unfounded, and somewhat childish combo attack on a friend involving a slap across the face and beating of ones arms.
"Wow, all he did was step on her toe by accident, and she freakin sweened him across the face."

"Man, that really wasn't neccesary."

"Tell me about it. People are staring."
by space mountain employee April 08, 2006
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