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An annual gathering (in October), where 40 year old Pennsylvanian whiteys, who grew up in the suburbs, yet thought they were “gangsta”, drive/fly in from all over, to celebrate their friendship & relive their youth, by listening to 90s music, drinkin’ 40s, having politically incorrect conversations, eating, dancing, playing Cards Against Humanity, performing “personal joke” skits (which make fun of each other), & consuming A LOT of alcohol. These fools have their own Facebook & Snapchat groups, called “40s & Shortys”, which they watch the next morning, to be reminded of what exactly went down the night before. On occasion, they also try to gather for a Spring version of these festivities, called “Spitoween”.
Who’s grabbin’ the 40 for Swalloween?
by Sinister C October 14, 2018
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Holiday that comes once a year on October 31 that is celebrated by a woman performing oral sex on her partner until completion.
Most people celebrate Halloween on October 31, but in my house it's called Swalloween and I enjoy the day more than I would by eating some candy!
by Holdin Macgroin October 10, 2008
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