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U realy Got expelled?
Yea, STG.
by DJ January 25, 2005
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stg means swear to god. you are annoyed or reflecting on someone's stupidity
Person 1: look @ all these people commenting stupid stuff under my photos
Person 2: omg ikr, i stg ! they need to go away
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by LittleBoyDeGrimeDog August 02, 2016
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Aptly stands for 'Super Tan Girl'; a combination of a Gina and Valley Girl into one entity. Usually blonde, but is based on the overexcessive and obvious fake bake the girl has undergone.

Also associated with the more popular crowd, but not necessarily meaning that they are.
"Do you think that she went on vacation?"
"No, she's just an STG"


"That girl over there is such an STG"
"tell me about it, she could support the whole bronzing industry single-handedly"
by fos_oleg January 09, 2010
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Sexually Transmitted Glitter- Normally happens when you have sex with a stripper or glitter skanks
Guy 1- "did u hear about Shawn?? Yea he hooked up with that stripper Sapphire the other night, his face looks like he got Glitter Bombed"

Guy 2- "Yea man, he got a STG"
by slickjmk March 23, 2012
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