Search the fucking google:
Used when someone asks about stupid things that can found with google easily.
-hey, where can i find metallica lyrics?
by Psysoul September 08, 2005
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1) swear to fucking God. When a person has had either enough of what you have said or it's so funny that they can't put it in words.
2) shot the fucking goat. Do t know how to describe this one. I guess its exactly as it sounds. Usually will here this from your cousin John that lives on the pasture with the rest of the farm hands.
Girl: Hey I (1) stfg. You better not have done it.
Guy: what I just (2) stfg.
Girl: that was my vegan cousin John. I'm calling the cops!
Guy: Crap that's sad. Alexa play Despacito.
by Blocko Voodie July 28, 2018
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