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The most unique fighting game out there, with air dodges; various items that include range weapons, projectiles, and healing; advanced techniques, including infinites; more mobility than the average fighting game; the need for altering strategies depending on character damage; and much more.

Like many fighting games, there is a tier list that changes from time to time.

Tournaments are held all over the world for this game, and the level of competetive play can get pretty intense.
You up for some smash? Dood, put in the SSBM is Mario Party 5 doing in there?

Azen rules at SSBM.
by Slashtap3 October 21, 2004
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Greatest 2D fighting game ever devised, playable on the Nintendo Gamecube. Available characters have all played roles in previous Nintendo games.
In SSBM, tiers do exist.
by Swiffer WetJet March 22, 2004
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The worst fighting game ever! The only people who play this game are losers who can't handel real fighting games like Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike, Guilty Gear XX Slash, and Tekken 5. It's a game where if you cant glitch like "L canceling" and "wave dashing" you can't win!

Do your self (and every other real fighting game player) a favor, if some says you should take up smash... just laugh and say "No thanks, I'm straight!" and walk away.
Queer: Hay DUDES! ya wana play some HARDCORE fighting games?

Cool person: Sure, I'm up for some guilty gear or 3s Let's play!

Queer: Guilty gear??? 3s??? what are they? see i duno those games cuz I'm gay and I play the dumbest fighter ever made.... SSBM!!!

Cool person: ......... Fag

cool person leaves.
by kyuubi-kid August 15, 2006
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