3 definitions by eljefedon

the biggest degenerate you will meet in your life. Literal dog brain will chase a laser point if presented.
Whats glenns problem he always seems off?”
Idk bro”
by eljefedon November 1, 2021
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Usually cool, good at everything he does, mostly capricorns. Chill guy but will keep it real and be rude if buttons are pushed. Mysterious. Funny and bitches will fall in love as soon as they get a little taste
‘Vinny such a player bro u see the biddy he pulled that night?’

“Yea bro he my sensei fr
by eljefedon November 1, 2021
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Short for Super Smash Melee - A Nintendo fighting game released in 2001 that was taken to the deepest levels by degenerates & one of the most niche/difficult games to play at a competitive level. Somehow it is still played today with a huge scene and thriving tournaments. Notorious to be one of the highest apm/execution heavy games rivaling Starcraft
by eljefedon November 1, 2021
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