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Right, lets get straight into it. SSBM, potentially the greatest fighting game in all of the 12 Universes. Imagine Mario Link Fox Peach Donkey Kong and some other randy characters. All in one game to duke it out. Yea, now forget all that shit. thats for casuals, this game actually has a whole 'nother level to it. Im talking inputs that make Daigos parry look like a game of tic tac toe (lord forgive me) SSBM, underneath the casual fuckery of 4 man FFAs on Hyrule Temple. Is the most complex, technical, in-depth game mankind has potentially ever been graced with. Thanks to our based god Lord Sakurai. The Nintendo Gamecube system was the machine which ran this almighty software. SSBM features mechanics such as Wavedashing, and L-cancelling, but this is just the beginning, with these two mechanics (intended or not) you can swag the FUCK out on your opponents with a concept known as Techskill. This is where shit starts to get serious. SSBM is considered a gift from God himself, graced to us in 2001 and outliving its 2 predecessors SSBB and TR4SH, and bound to outlive the next shitty casual game in the lineup TRA5H. SSBM is possibly when on the greatest creations in mankinds history, and we are blessed to have another 30 years of SSBM in our lives.
Yo, i was like at this local SSBM weekly, i swear i must of triple turnaround waveshine drill upsmashed this Peach main, swear i almost bust a nut.

Bro on god i picked up SSBM and F that Smash 4 shit, SSBM is where its at.
by big falcs emp April 9, 2018
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