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SPASH is an acronym for the Stevens Point high school. SPASH stands for Stevens Point Area Senior High, which is also commonly phrased as "Smokin Pot and Stayin High". SPASH is known for it's over-supported athletics, under-supported music department, annoying hall monitors such as the clipboard bitch, the slutty sophomores that try to rule the school, a dinky little trail in the back of the school which leads to fast food stops (also a spot where stoners like to get high). SPASH is located only blocks away from the Wisconsin River.
SPASH went to state this year for football and got their asses owned.

The SPASH Social Norms is a such a pathetic waste of time.

The SPASH dances always suck because the DJ plays crappy music, and the VP turns the lights on every 3 minutes to stop kids from grinding.
by jaymkay7 April 06, 2011
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VERB: To ejaculate (Varient on jizz )

NOUN: Thick whitish fluid that is ejaculated from the male penis.

Created in early 2010 in the East Midlands it has been popularised by it's ease of use in every day conversation.
As a verb: I spashed on your mum's face.

As a noun: Why have you got spash on your bananas?
by Barman85 April 09, 2010
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We wuz spashin' on the sidewalk outside her crib last night.
by Jonelle Dickey April 25, 2004
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Being spicy and trashy.. Basically being an ultra-slut!
Pam Anderson
Porn stars
"That girl always wears such short dresses. She is so spash!"
by Kelsey-Kels! :) January 17, 2012
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to like someone...same as to have a crush on someone

the act of liking someone
i spash him sooooo much!

im spashing so hard right now.
by ClurryMurry July 18, 2004
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When two friends share a bed... its convenient to spoon... one thing leads to another and there is also pashing... but the line is drawn there.
Friend 1: "Sooooo did u finally sleep with him?"

Friend 2: "No way! we are friends... we just spashed"
by Serial spasher April 18, 2011
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