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An acronym for Storm of The Imperial Sanctum, a custom game map for the PC game Starcraft 2. It is a remake of DotA, a popular Warcraft III custom game.
My girlfriend told me it's "her or starcraft 2" which almost worked in her favor until I discovered SOTIS. PEACE OUT, BITCH!
by btgebo August 06, 2010
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Sex on the ice. When a group of bored teenagers get together in a ice rink and cant think of anything better to do... LOL

This also relates to roti, groti and doti (take a guess)
*2 people stack on the ice on top of eachother

person 1: Ouch looks painful
person 2: nope that looks like SOTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by av 4 eva October 11, 2006
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a whole language created by the woden bums! to be used at ice-skating rinks around large groups of people. just like doti: Death on the ice! There are many more; such as groti & roti: I'll let u work those ones out :P
xxel-belliexx: look some people stacked on the ice
xxswellpowerxx: OMG thier having soti!!!
xxel-belliexx: melt that ice!!
xxswellpowerxx: omg thats my boyfreind!! im gonna kill her!
xxel-belliexx: DOTI!
etc etc
by el_bellie October 11, 2006
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Smirking on the Inside - an IM reference to replace the overused "LOL", in which instance people are most often not actually laughing out loud.
by Spiffy McFly October 06, 2008
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