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a.) Porn reference literally meaning spit on my pussy.
b.) Can also be used in a less literal sense to be the female equivalent of "suck my balls" when angry with someone. For even more emphasis and feeling, can add on a b for bitch, or "SOMP-B!"
c.) Term of accomplishment and success
a.) When he pulled out that giant cock I yelled for him to SOMP cause I thought that monster meatsick was going to split me in half!
b.) I grabbed that stupid whore by the hair and told her to SOMP-B!
c.) I SOMPed all over that test!
by AsInChristmas July 07, 2009
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Girl #1 - when i see you imma beat that ass.

Girl #2 - whatever bitch, SOMP like your man did last night.
by sbfsr64 December 11, 2009
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Somp is a word made up over 4 years ago by a 6 year old girl named Nichole. The creation of the word is actually a typo coming from her bad writing skills. (She was trying to spell another word and phailed miserably) Somp has no real meaning what so ever. It can mean anything or it can mean nothing. You can say somp and actually mean kitten or puppy... or even cheese. Other words having to do with somp include: sompness, samp, simp, sompy and sulmp (is not normally used) all of the mean nothing at all.
"Give me all of your somp!"
"You are not somp. You will never be somp!"
"Madness... THIS IS SOMP!!!"
"He and she had somp yesterday at nine with a hobo named Pauly"
by Nikki's sister August 26, 2008
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Just like a Simp, but has a twist, a Somp is someone who thinks they are the shit and they can pull anyone but they're way of pulling females is just absolute cringe
friend "i can pull anyone watch"

you "nah bruh your a fucking somp"
by dr pepper is bbq water June 24, 2020
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A gay-prostitute person who sells himself cheap on the street. He often provides sex in exchange for used socks he can sniff, which he usually is addicted to.
Hey you f**cking somp! Get over her so i can smell ya ass!
by NoHardFeelings January 24, 2004
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