An Playstation Online game that is good to play with friends. Is fun when you aren't in a room with homo's who are concerned about rank and don't want to be TK'd. Third best birth control device behind the pill and Everquest.
I own you in some fucking Socom.
by Radames November 25, 2003
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a ps2 game your boyfriend would rather play than hang out with you...mostly played in large groups, called a 'lan.'
Hey man are we having a lan tonight? I just can't wait to get wasted and play socom until 7am.
by wereman May 15, 2005
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Special Operations Command.
It is the real name for a Heckler and Koch Mark 23 .45 handgun. Very Identical to the HK USP Tactical.
The SOCOM is hardly packed by anybody except Special Forces.
by [GS]-Goon April 19, 2004
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Piss-poor excuse for a third-person military shooter. It sucks ass and consists of doing the same thing over and over again till you die or get your ass kicked, in which case, most players run like the pussies they are and do nothing but bitch about it.

Realism doesn't make a game good. Nothing proves that point better than SOCOM. if it didn't have the military connotation attached to it, it wouldn't sell for shit.

Most of the people that play this game are shit-eating fucktards who care more about their rank in a shitty video game than maybe getting their asses tough enough to join the REAL Navy Seals.
by DasUberSoldat June 16, 2004
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