A Term coined by Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon of Akkad), which describes a people or a group of people who tend to thrive off of dishonestly smearing a person's character, through deceptive or misleading interpretations of their actions or words. Often by taking something they said out of context, and representing it as something completely different .
"I'm not apologizing for anything you dirty, dirty smear merchants"
by GidonGrey July 15, 2020
(1) A term coined by Sargon of akkad Carl Benjamin As a response to him defending his rape comments

(2) Any person who gets notification gain by remarking are talking about people whether it be a negative or positive way ( i.e Gossip Blogger Paparazzi News Reporter)
by EmJayee June 2, 2019
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The Dude when he is not abiding to being his royal dudeness.
After rolling a gutter ball he want next-level Smear Merchant.
by richfuel December 19, 2019
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