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Stands for "Suck my ass-hole", this quote became symbolic when Jack Whalan rose to prominence in the halls of the Country Bumpkin. Meaning the suckling of an asshole like a jello shot.
Jack; Suck my ass-hole (to Tyler)
Tyler; Okay, anytime of any day SMAH

*Tyler sucks Jack's asshole*
by TheTrueLannister May 05, 2015
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word used by some when one is confuddled and/or cannot be arsed to say anything else
(mr stone)"katie? do you want to stay in my set next year?"
(me)"no thanx"
(mr stone)"well thats what i thought...?"
by kavanagh May 05, 2006
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(1) a sound said to express any real emotion
(2) a sigh

variations: smee
(1)a pirate version of smah
Smah! I just failed math!


Smah...! I just got laid!
by d-fizzle June 25, 2006
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