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First invented (allegedly) by Dan Mace. Means let's get things done. A whole episode of 368 by Casey Neistat is titled after this phrase "SMACK IT."
For example, let's just smack it on the plane, meaning let's get it done when on the plane.
by Amycrackpot May 28, 2018
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'Smack it' is similar to 'send it' or 'do it'
Origin: Dan Mace
Casey: Let's fly the pizza drone.
Dan: OK just smack it
by Chris McPhie June 01, 2018
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To do something really fast and quickly and to commit to that action
We should smack that timelapse.

Hurry, up we are going to be late, smack it.
by officialabebe May 28, 2018
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emphasis to get things done.
to do it just that much quicker & better.
after saying lets smack it, you must complete said activity.
cmon dude "lets smack That"
"just smack it"
"should we just smack that time lapse"
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by Risky Rabbit May 28, 2018
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Its like just do it, if you want to get something done you just smack if youre shooting a timelapse you "just smack that", it means to do it that much quicker and that much better. Its like the point of decision. When you commit to smacking you have to go through with it.
Casey: shall we book a ticket to Ireland

Dan: Smack it
by HG95 May 28, 2018
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To masturbate. A synonym of spank it. "It" refers to the penis.
Brandon: "Dude, want to head over to Pat O'Briens and catch the Sox game?"
Mac: "Uh...maybe later. Your sister just put up a new Facebook album full of spring break bikini pics, and she's looking pretty damn good. I'm just gonna hang out here and smack it to that a few times."
Brandon: "What??? Oh no you didn't! The only smacking that's going to happen is me smacking you up!"
by Nicholas D March 08, 2009
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similar to fuck it, but without the swearing required. used to describe something you don't want to do, or something bad that has happened. origin; New Zealand Navy
Pers 1 "hey dude, want to come for a feed tomorrow?"
Pers 2 "um yeah, let mething about it. Smack It"

Pers 1 "hey the boss wants to see you"
Pers 2 "argh, Smack It!"
by Jo Pusser November 24, 2005
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