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see dork.

a person who is silly or dumb at times.

also: switch the damn words around.
OMG, OMG...you ass chicken!!
by BenDover May 18, 2004
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Suck My Arse

1.n. This term is often used by sysadmins or helpdesk staff as an expression of exasperation or defiance.
2.interj. Used in flamewars as an equivalent to STFU.
How about you SMA?
Why don't you SMA?
by bendover July 29, 2004
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You strip naked and your partner strip naked. You tell the bitch to bow down. You walk thirty paces back, and then you race for her ass. Right before you get to her, you take a flying leWap and plung your dick deep down her ass. Afterwards, you'll have to help her walking.
I albino rhinoed her so hard she trouble walking for a solid week.
by BendOver January 08, 2015
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Matt Giles
Matt..your new name is Queen Fuck Nuts.
by BenDover May 18, 2004
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