short for "Steam Lung Therapy" - when you have to stand in a very hot shower for 40 minutes because you smoke too much weed and can't breathe when you wake up.
Gonna need some hardcore SLT after last night's fuckery
by Gents January 15, 2021
its short for -stuff like that, shit like that. Because its overused by many people. They don't know what to say so, they say "stuff like that" over and over and over and over. So when they say it over and over you can nick name them SLT.
by JB Parnell November 18, 2010
"Something like that."

Used when you aren't completely sure of the accuracy of something you've said.

Can also be used when you don't care enough to go in full detail about something.
He said he'd call again about taking you out or SLT.

A: What did he say? Where did he take you? How did it go??
B: We went out. It was good. SLT
by jppolarbear December 9, 2011
(Smell Linger Time)- the amount of time it takes for an odor to clear an area or dispersal time.
"His SLT is huge, son. You know he wears that AXE bodyspray.."
"Don't go in the men's room. Chad was there and he has big SLT after a night ofBBB}."
by Robert Marbury August 1, 2007
Infamous ut2k4 gaming clan, Abbreviation of Single Lava Twilights. Been around since 2004 and still going strong
Somebody saying SLT^ wouldbe referring to the clan by its tag.
by m3rc April 25, 2007
Short for salut (french for hello), used especially in chat rooms, irc etc.
Slt m8, how r u doing.

- Slt.
- Slt, what' up dude.
by Igor Sajn December 11, 2007