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Sorry liver it's Friday, time to get waste, hammered, shit faced, drunk, enjoy the weekend livin in the now
I just got off work its 4pm Friday it's time for a jack on the rocks or some don Julio... Sorry liver it's Friday(slif)
by Devin G1503 September 22, 2013
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an abbreviation for “so lame it's funny” can also be said as “it’s so lame it’s funny”
Wright Brothers: this flying machine will change the world as we know it
Critic: this plan is SLIF... LOL
by jai614 April 17, 2006
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A person who is currently without Internet.
Yo I'm a slif right now but as soon as my mom pays the Internet bill i'll be back on-line.
by Eugene Spokes September 06, 2010
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To give "the finger" sideways
Particularly handy when in front of impressionable people
I "sliffed" that dirty bitch or
I told them to get stuffed and gave them the "slif"
by Rachiroo July 29, 2005
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