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The people of the NOTORIOUS SHELTER HILL in the bay area.
When I walked into their territory the shoogs came after me wit their gats
by SHOOG4life March 20, 2006
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From the pronouciation of the word "Sugar".

When weed is soaked in sugar water, the water evapourates but leaves sugar residue to give the weed added weight, terrible smoke, terrible taste, and best believe someone is getting punched up if I pick up an ounce of shoog.
*cough cough*

What the fuck is this man


This is shoog, what the fuck how is he gonna sell me this shit.
by LaedBach July 24, 2008
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n: pronounced Shew-gz, Shugs,

1. A sort of battle cry that means the immediate death or suffering of a person.

2. Term used as filler, often unnecessarily placed at the end of a sentence

"Shoogs!" - Followed by immediate double kill

"Yeah so basically she dumped me and shoogs."
"Shoogs!" (Followed by an immediate double kill)

"So she lied to me and shoogs."

"'My cellphone just died'
'oh shoogs'"
by szyg May 20, 2008
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