A young lad with a big cock who repeatedly pounds a women/girls ass as if his cock were to be a knife and usually finds women with a big ass

Sometimes is homophobic
I am gonna be a shiv tonight.
by Dr. Timothy April 11, 2019
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A tall friendly guy who gets girls and has a huge dick so be prepared
Omg I wish my dick was as big as shiv’s
by Shiv batra November 18, 2020
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Shiv is the type of person who is perfect. You wanna be with them all the time. He is a cool guy, gets all the girls and is very popular with his friends. He is also very smart all-round and aspires to be the perfect man. He is handsome, funny, caring and loving
OMG did you see that guy who walked passed us, he is definitely a Shiv
by $HIV December 03, 2018
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He is very cool Indian boy who likes too watch his friend get harrased by his other friends his cock is so big that if you tried to suck it your mouth who explode. He is a sexy boy so respect him. P.S His friend supports Man city (he is manly made out of 99%plastic 1%plastic)
Shiv has such a big cock
by Oooo international break December 05, 2019
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Shiv is an Indian whose most likely to ask for your credit card numbers. Shiv is also a gay Mukbang asmr youtuber who eats ramen noodles on a daily basis and call a total of 71 people to get the 3-digit security code on local citizens credit card.

But beware, if you dont comply to Shiv he will cut open the padlock on your cellar door with bolt cutters at 3am, walk up the stairs, go into your kitchen to eat ramen mukbang, go into your bedroom and furiously vibe you with his Indian Punjabi powers. He might turn you into an Indian.
Friend- Hey man nice sun tan.
Victim- I'm not tan... Im Indian.
Friend- How did you turn Indian?
Victim- Shiv...
Friend-*Phone Rings* Hello?
Shiv- Hello sir we detected a virus on you laptop what are the first 4 numbers on your credit card.
Friend- *Suprised Pikachu face*
via giphy
by Nibba Vibe November 09, 2019
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