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When u smash an 80 year old GILF that hasn't shaved her nether-regions in over 69 years... and you keep finding the white crusty hairs inside your anal canal for 2 whole weeks.
Bro 1"dude. Member that one thiQ GILF
BRO 2"yuuuup
Bro 1" she was hella "SHEDDY"
by Gilfslayer June 20, 2018
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Derogatory; Term used to describe the lower grades in a school environment who are often taught building skills instead of intellectual subjects. Derived from the term "Shed Builder".
What's the sheddy class doing at the moment? Building sheds most likely.

by Barry Coldrick December 22, 2006
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When someone thinks they're a big time character with big personality but realistically they're going nowhere.

Like they're a shed.
"That guy is sheddy."

"You're so sheddy"
by UrbanDict Street June 28, 2017
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Adjective; to describe something that isn't progressing forward or moving onwards.

Adjective version of 'Shed'
Dave: look mate, your relationship is bare sheddy, just crack with someone else that's your type on paper.
by KemChris July 02, 2017
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