a term to describe one who is extremely cute and wonderful
"He is so SHB!"

"Oh SHB"
by RB March 08, 2004
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The abbrieviated term for Standard Heron Behaviour which is used to describe the general disastrous actions when "Heron" gets drunk. Usually involves drinking Pinot Grigio, Beer, Shots, Cocktails etc...and results in Smashing things up, pulling different girls right in front of the girl your with, starting fights, having wine flu, starting arguments in Pizza Hut, sleeping on a pool table, sleeping in Starbucks, Sleeping on the train and missing your stop and forgetting all of the above...
SHB of course is on going, and the above list should be updated regularly...
Rudi: Jesus, did you see the amount of SHB on show last night?

Weesy: Yea, he was licking some girls neck apparently...arent you pissed?

Rudi: Naa, its just SHB!

Dave: Heron, you're such a dick
Heron: Why Man?

Rudi: You know why Heron...
Heron: SHB last night?

Dave: Ohhhhhh fo shooooo
Rudi: Yea, you pulled me, then her, then tried to pull her, then wanted to fight everyone, then fell asleep...
Heron: I literally dont remember a thing!

Rudi & Dave Simulataneously: Thats SHB for you!!
by H3RON August 09, 2010
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Referring to someone who has a "Smoking Hot Bod"
"Damn, that Shelby girl who works at the ice cream shop sure has a SHB"
by Ow ow kapow May 12, 2018
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