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The best school ever. Constantly smells like weed and the on-campus market is filled with kids with munchies past midnight on the weekends. Full of hipsters and full of culture. Everyones is friendly and the Village DSA is where people are social.

The people who go to this school are either very local or from SoCal and have never used the expression 'hella'.

It's basically in Daly City and only in SF because that's the name of the school. Close to the beach and close-ish to the city.
Anyone who goes to SFSU is awesome.
by bomchickawowwow1234 March 06, 2011
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Stands for San Francisco State University. It's a pimp ass mother fucking school located about a mile away from Daily City, and only a few blocks from Ocean Beech in San Francisco CA. This year there are about 27,000 students attending, 3,300 freshmen! Thats alot of Freshmen!!! We party like mother fuckin' hella cutty rockstars!!!
"dude i'm goin' to SFSU"

Person1: "where you go to school?"
Person2: "fuckin' SFSU bitch"
Person1: "aww...ur too cool"
by Trevor ^_^ July 06, 2006
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A college where all the scene kids, stoners, pseudo-hippies, abercrombie kids, and others losers go to continue their unusual lifestyle...

A non-academic environment where kids play all day. In other words, an expensive daycare.
Person 1:Hey are you going to apply to SFSU?

Person 2: Why? to be stuck in a non academic environment of losers?
by redzone1 March 18, 2009
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