1. A seal is basically a girl/guy (or even an item) that you can't have in the sense that she/he/it can never be yours.

Being a seal is relative since your seal probably hooks with people (who you probably hate for this fact) and is therefore not a seal to them.

This definition of seal comes from the person's likeness to the animal: the fact that they're so cute/hot/desirable that you want them but you also simultaneously want to club over the head (like with baby seals) because you can never have them.

2. Also, this can be used as a suffix or modifier to names to disguise the fact that you are talking about someone in the same room. Usually that person is a seal by the above definition as well before 'seal' is used to modify their name.
Guy 1 (frustrated): "Man! There are so many seals in this bar tonight!!"

Guy 2: "Yeah I know... I just wanna club them over the head so no one else can have them..."


Guy 1: "Who's that cute girl by the bar?"
Guy 2: " Hmm I don't know her name but she's definitely a baby seal."


Elsa = Anagram Seal (because the name is an anagram of the word seal)

Stephanie = Stepha-Seal
by TwoPair July 06, 2009
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a person of african decent that is shirtless and preferably has a shaved head that is swimming in any body of water.
Hey look at all those seals in the ocean, lets walk down further!
by D. Nasty November 29, 2007
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A person who always pops up for attention. Someone who has to make sure they get there two cents in, like a seal barking (ark, ark, ark, ark, ark!)
I was explaining something to Carol when seal had to butt in and give his opinion.
by donkeylobster May 29, 2006
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1. when a fat guy bangs a girl and the blubber engulfs her.

AKA Sealing, Getting Sealed and Seal-time.
girl 1 : how was the guy you brought back last night?

girl 2 : im not gonna lie, it was like proper sealing.

EG. I just got sealed big time.
by myadiayollym June 02, 2009
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when someone has anal sex they get there seal busted and then are now called a seal
That dude is a seal, he got fucked in the ass.

Joey is a rainbow seal.
Chris is a wet seal.
by joeyisarainbowseal May 01, 2009
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a 'heavy' woman who does not have bulges or love handles, she merely has an evenly-distributed layer of fat all over her body (and her breasts are not necessarily large).There are no protruding bones to hurt you (hip or knee or rib)
She is a great seal fuck, she's a comfortable ride.
by John R. January 02, 2004
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Seal (Adjective): A person who fails so badly at day to day conversation that speaking to them is like listening to a seal fall down some stairs.

Sealing (Verb): A person who repeatedly behaves in a manner towards member's of the opposite sex in a manner that could be deemed pathetic or desperate and/or someone who lies to make themselves look good but fails miserably.
Seal (Adjective): "Omg look at that seal in it's fire trap top.
Seal (Verb): "for god sake, Michael Davies is over there sealing again!"
by Michael Davies the III May 10, 2012
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