Is short for "Stack Don't Lack", and was coined by the Twitter user Big Hugo.

Hugo has made an effort to educate folks on Twitter (and elsewhere), about their ability to easily save money and use "game" to make more money, especially at certain times of year, and he calls it "Stack Season".

"SDL" & "Stack Season" are more than money-saving & money-making schemes. It’s a philosophy-a way of life.

Hugo encourages people to find sobriety, (even if temporarily), so they can stack their first $1,000 (aka a "rack" ). He inspires people to stack $10,000, $100,000, or more.

Hugo often shows a concerned disappointment when people don’t stack, especially if it's Stack Season. Hugo will sometimes "flex", by posting large sums of cash, often bound with orange rubber bands, & he also makes other displays of wealth, like diamond tennis bracelets, or necklaces etc.

Hugo encourages all kinds of healthy life changes--anything that is holding you back--has to stop, because it's causing "lack".

Hugo is known for his eccentric fashion sense--his love of Fine Jewelry--especially gold/diamonds of superb quality, & also an ton of items from the Bathing Ape brand. (Don't forget the pistol and the neck pillow!)

Lastly, big Hugo has an giant following who credit him with increased wealth and conscientiousness of their lives in general. If you search "Stack Season", Hugo's name is the top result.

He is infamous for using a lot of slang in his posts. (See example)
Big Hugo: "Where my Stackers at?! Ya'll better not be lackin shaw! stg, ngl, best SDL!"
by Sewneo October 17, 2020
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what you been up to?
by tgod216 May 10, 2010
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Same Day Lay. This is when you meet a girl, then proceed to sleep with her in the same day of meeting her. Bonus points if you convince her to come back the next day for more!
That girl over there? Totally preformed a SDL on her.
by Jiggaboo Jeeves March 22, 2010
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Short for 'Self Directed Learning'. It is a session well loved by medical students during their clinical years. During sessions like this, students have the freedom to either clerk patients, practise certain procedures, revise the textbooks, loiter around, sleep or go home early.
Clinical lecturer: I can't make it on time later, so I guess you all will have SDL.
Medical students: Yay!
by DanielJJ November 5, 2016
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1. The best gang on the GrandTheftArma servers
2. A gang that has been unbeaten in the last 3 Tanoa's
3. TI Ben loves SDL , SDL are his favourite
SDL are the best gang on GTA
by Somalian Defence League July 21, 2019
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The SDL (Sanyu Defence League) are a group of people that call it their duty to defend all the Sanyu's of the world. iIf you want to be a member of the SDL then all you need to do is know a Sanyu.
Dont touch Her! I'm part of the SDL (Sanyu Defence League)!
by gloveboxjosh December 10, 2019
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