Meaning "so drunk", SD is used when one is incapable of forming actual words due to their severe level of intoxication. It is also perfect for college dorm white boards, when you want your friends to know how drunk you are but would prefer if your RA did not.
"Hey, are you okay?"
"(slurred) SD!"

"I was so SD Friday night after the Mexican restaurant that I sullied my pants"
by Cat Baker May 04, 2009
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Short form for stoned. Potheads have created this word as they found using short forms made it easier to comunicate with one another.
"look at you man, your fucking s'd!"
"im soooo s'd right now"
"lets get some taco bell for after we get super s'd"
"black guys eyes always look like they are s'd."
by Kzeuss January 24, 2006
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SD, referring to the phrase small dick. Obviously someone nicknamed SD has a small dick. It can be used literally, or as an insult.
Guy 1: What's up SD?
Guy 2: I hate it when you call me that.
Guy 1: But it's true, can't deny the truth!

Guy 1: That Jason is such a SD.
Guy 2: For reals!
by rice4lyfeinda415 May 07, 2009
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Super-deformed. In anime and manga, when a character is drawn cartoonishly short, about 3 heads high and has deexagerated limbs (i.e. having mitt-like hands, or long stubs for arms). Characters are often shown super-deformed when characters get in comical situations. Often used interexchangibly with chibi, though technically, they're twoi separate, yet similar things.
by Danny Sotelo May 04, 2003
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Sugar Daddy. This is commonly used for males with $, advertising/postiong, looking for companionship.
Any ladies in South Burbs 18-25 yo $eeking a SD?
by Spider8008 October 29, 2011
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A abbreviation for "suck dick", it can be altered to correctly fit the sentence gramatically.

The term was originally coined by Aren, who used it with the letter M in the middle, rendering it SMD, "suck my dick".
"Go SD you fag!"

Person 1: "Fuck you!"
Person 2: "S my D bitch."

"Have you ever S'ed D?"

Angry Student: "SMD"
Teacher: "What?"
by go S a D December 24, 2005
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