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1) to be hott, good, awesome, rad, radd, tubeular, radicle, neet, neat, cool, nice, or the like

2) to say a woman is fine

3)to say a thing, person, and/or place is of a good source, or origin

4) an acronym for She Be Live or Shi... Be Live
"Hey man look at that chick. . ."

by fntiger July 15, 2004
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Abbr: slurpy bum lick

Some one who is a super kiss ass and would make slurping noises to show their best bum licking efforts
1 -Jayne - you look great today h, is it thursday?
Heather- stop being such an sbl

2 - That girl is well sbl'ing her boss
by frickernator January 12, 2010
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An abbreviation for Sorry Bunch of Losers.

Can also be applied to an individual.

Here we are drinking warm beer through straws and puking at the Steak & Shake drive-thru because we don't have any dates for the prom. We are truly SBLs.

Anna never would have dated me in high school because I was an SBL back then. Now she'd be lucky to get a guy like me.
by Plug 2 August 07, 2008
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Sbl here a example
Sbl are u blind like I am right here

Yes I can hear you ugly
by Iajsnsjsbsjsnusns November 12, 2015
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