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A song by D3 in which you take a piece of clothing, hold it up in front of you, and jump up and down singing "I'M AUNTIE LOLET-OLET~!!!!" (She has SBL)
"I hab to brabe de estorm." ~ Auntie Lolet last night.
by BoyBee April 15, 2004

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Ability to pronounce every F as a P and every R as a S and have SBL, and have the urge of every word.
Trying to poop in your pants.
by BoyBee April 15, 2004

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The kind of people that have PERFECT noses and "APE" eyes with brown (ewww) things under their eyelids. They also are in training of the powerstance (which is sticking your butt out with your chest out too and your hands and legs wide open). The most important quality of a premature rat....are rat teeth indeed. They must be perfect rectangular, two little mmm's that are sticking out and when you lift your face up, they show, and the brown things under your eyelids show and your eyes also pop out more, like I'm going to eat you bulls. But, the most important part of the rat teeth position, is your nose still taking it's posture .
A very special shoutout to the rat master of all rat worlds, WILLARD!, taking his home in St. Barts Church's sewers. He has perfect rat teeth position and also the most graceful ape eyes in the world. His rat teeth are like MMM I WANT TO EAT THE LITTLE CORN! (w/ pishbulls accent)
by BoyBee June 08, 2005

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A group of cool people that is an example who expose SBL.
D3, G1, G2, Jesen Jones, Jamie, Megan, DIana, and Henry
by BoyBee April 15, 2004

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1. a big thing
2. scheet uncle ben eh kachung lo ahh!!
3. term daniel the blu butt likes to SmAcK
4. the "thing" pangsai comes out of
Gwah eh kachung boh scheen-kee ahh! - Daniel
by BoyBee February 24, 2005

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NOUN: a loud midget that yells like a SBL boy at my basketball games and is like TRROW DEE BALL!! (urge of every word)and also like HAANDS APP!!

ADJECTIVE: like Darwin bulls

NOUN: Yo bulls! I'm gonna go with Darwinism to the basketball game where he will be MAD DARWINISM and auntie lolet is like I HABE TO BRABE DE ESTORM! and darwin is like no TU umbrellllla we GO TOgeter MOM

ADJECTIVE: OMGosh THAT IS SO DARWINISM! (the bulls that like i am de auntie lolet olet and like omgosh i am having a wallet in my pants and a foot long leg with chuby salty brown toes and i'm pressing my salty brown lips with it spurting out and i am like ew pishbulls oil!)
Umm..Darwin Boy with the midget face!
by BoyBee March 18, 2005

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The adventures of Subin and Kuumar, two lost lonely indian boy that got lost in each others buttholes. Subin look like an indian with red hair and Kuumar looks like a yellow boy with red hair too. Except whenn they come out, they both turn blackness...with poop in their faces.
Mommy, I just saw the adventures of Subin and Kuumar, can we explore Tommy's butthole now??
by BoyBee February 24, 2005

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