Jaq is a great person his name is kinda unique! he will help with quizzes, questions, and homework! he would never snitch on people! he would be the best friend that would protect you from bullies.
Y/N: Jaq help!
Jaq: I got ya.
by hachipaqz April 22, 2021
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Another name for a Cigarette, word comes from Virginia.
Please tell me somebody's got a fuggin Jaq.
by BillyBob1 October 29, 2007
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A jaqs is a fat, nasty, whore who never bathes or shaves her rotting, hairy cunt and has limited mental capacity. Jaqs can be popular with older nerds because of their lack of getting anything else of the female variety. Some people settle for cats instead.
Get that nasty jaqs out of here! She stinks up the place.
by CyAdora October 11, 2011
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A JAQ Off is a person who will incessantly be "Just Asking Questions" in a very leading way about things they are pretending to be neutral on to pretend to be morally superior to those that give intentionally inflammatory takes or those that are against them.

See Enlightened Centrist
What you you mean by "So BLM is above criticism now?" Quit it you JAQ Off.
by Luk Kharder January 5, 2022
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Well they can be alright sometimes but that's just Jae. They have a big forehead and small ears. Likes being called: Simp,bitch,plant pot and basket ball. Don't fuck with em to much though or they will shit on you.

<3 Jae

har jar jat jap jaw jay jaq jaz is a bitch
by NotEllias September 18, 2020
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