Stand to Pee - a device used by pre-op transgender men to pee whilst standing.
Eli's packer doubles as an S.T.P., so he can use the urinals in the men's bathroom without issue.
by tornadogamah December 4, 2022
Stone Temple Pilots. Originally stood for Shirley Temple's pussy. But the band had to change the meaning when they became main stream.
The Band S.T.P. could still be a great band making great music if Scott Weiland could stay off the Horse.
St. Paul, Minnesota's capitol city located in Ramsey County
Home of Eastside, Northend, Frogtown, Midway, Highland Park, ect
We rep that S.T.P. not 612
by Raul Concepcion May 23, 2008
(Sexually Transmitted Psychosis)

A mental disorder, originating from Caron, passed on through any kind of sexual contact, ie. kissing, holding hands, intercourse, in which the sufferer causes fights at social gatherings.
"Wow, Frank was really aggressive last night, i think he might have STP!"
by Anonymous STP Sufferer December 22, 2003
BF: Babe lemme use ur car today.
GF: Only if you S.T.P.
BF: Nvm I'll just walk
by BigDickRex64 March 28, 2019
Steaming Trump Pile, an especially fresh, enormous pile of mammalian feces from a large dog, bull, cow, or a random jogger.
Dodge the S.T.P. on your run today. It's getting deep out there.
by seudokode October 10, 2021
Secret Tweaker Pad, from the Sublime song, S.T.P. It's a place where one can chill and do drugs and hide out after committing a crime.
Get out of my S.T.P!
by con4mconsumeobey January 18, 2005