One day I would love to go on a picnic date with my s/o
by ChimCo September 14, 2020
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Shout outs to _______ . A commonly abbreviation used on Twitter.
S/O to my nigga @TRAGEDYKHADAFI7 it's good to have you home.
by mikeyrocks September 2, 2010
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May:shay give me a S/o
Shay:ok boo
by lilcece March 18, 2015
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S/o Mac Tyer, j'veux qu'ma bitch aille en SLK chez le pédicure
by RUTΛ June 11, 2021
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s/o is a shorter way to say starting offer. it is usually used in forums such as FSF or ISS.
s/o: $50
h/o: $100
bin: $120

by jooocelynnn January 13, 2008
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Used in Tik Tok. Apparently if you do that, thr video will get clout without having to actually be shared.

Mainly used by people that are trying to get a lot of viwes or people who are shadoebanned.
s/o/c please! I think im shadowbanned so it would help a lot.
by Whatareyoulookingat? June 18, 2020
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