A Fly guy who loves Ribs and plays Basketball
by Johnny831 October 10, 2008
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Man look at that dude with all the ladies he must be a rydell
by Danny Finger-Bang March 8, 2018
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A super talented girl who loves her family. She loves to have a great time. Rydel has a great sense of humor, and is really pretty.Rydel, is super amazing! Rydel aslo loves to dress up. She always has the beat clothes! She's just so Rydelrific! (She is really in a band called R5!)
WOW Rydel is SUPER talented!

She must be a Rydel if she looks like that!

Love you Rydel!

-From an R5 fan <3
by FallingForR5<3 April 2, 2013
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a girl who is feisty and spicy. one who captures attention. very commonly referred to as "cinderella"
rydelle was getting so much attention from all the hot guys
by Darlalalaaa, ? April 24, 2008
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Sister of Riker Lynch Ross Lynch Rocky Lynch and Ryland Lynch. Amazing actress, singer, and musician. Funny and intelligant. Perfect combination of Tomboy, Girlygirl and sass. Keyboard player of pop family band R5
Girl1: Omg I love R5!
Girl2: No way me too!
Girl1: Who's your favorite?
Girl2: Ross what about you?
Girl1: Riker hes amazing!
Girl2: *le opens locker to reveal a picture of R5*
Boy1: *walks up and points to Rydel* Who is that? She's hot.
by pandabear51 February 2, 2013
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A place were a bunch of badly dressed students shot a film called GREASE which stars people like olivia john newton and john travolta in it to try and become famouse
boy #1: hey have you seen that sick new actress?

Boy#2:duhh! once you premiere at rydel high everyone knows you!
by lalalink June 28, 2011
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A person that lives in streetly with his Rasta mom and is always on the back of the pcx getting pressured by everyone
Casey”Rydel kurr you batty man come buck merydel “Casey nooooo I’m not linking you”
by Lampz is a nerd June 30, 2022
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