A small city known as "The Hidden Jewel" where its half rich old people and other half new money with kids who have to drive beemers or mercedes. People think it has mexicans because of all of them that travel from orange for school, buts thats false. The city is more than 85% white people. Also one of the most conservative and wealthiest places in orange county. Full of mansions and big houses with huge lots. Much better than south county because you get a nice area close to a real cities like Anaheim, instead of everything being cookie cutter like RSM or Irvine. Only 20 minutes from the beach off the 55 freeway its easy to get to Villa Park, just no one knows its there because its "The Hidden Jewel" of Orange County.
Jim: where you from

tom:villa park you?

Jim: im from santa ana

Tom: oh, that side of the 55
by North OC person April 12, 2011
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Basically one of the most irrelevant town by one of the most relevant towns in Illinois (elmhurst). If you live here you most likely attend willowbrook high school and say your from Chicago when your out of state. Everyone thinks the town is ghetto but it’s a decent mix. Whether you are trying to pretend to be ghetto or a prissy rich teen you are welcomed here. There is a south and north side and if you live on the north side watch out you’re in the “ghetto”. As for the south you think you are a thousand times better than the north side
“Hey where are you from”
“I’m from Chicago
“Wow really that’s cool”
Well I actually live in villa park
“What the hell is that”
by Whinfrey January 18, 2020
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a town in the oc which is 50% white bitchy snobs who are filthy rich and 50% chollos.
a villa park kid said if you aint white you aint right .
by revvie September 25, 2006
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A neighborhood in Springfield, Two up Two Down that is essentially populated with afghan and asians. It is by far the most ghetto hood in springfield and for anyone who has a problem with us come see us and you'll see whats up. i recommend if you not from there or you dont have friends from there dont come there. Its not no compton, but its for those lil wannabe wiggers in the 703.
:Where you rep
:Nigga, imma highway nigga
:forreal? shit... its over
:where yo hood mang?
:nigga, its all bout that Villa Park
:(highway nigga ran for his life)
by J0hnny703 December 02, 2007
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Villa Park High School is a school in Villa Park, California. They are better than Canyon, Orange, El Modena, and all of the other schools in every way, shape or form. They are 9-0 in football and are about to beat Canyons ass on Friday October 26. Go Spartans!!!
Villa park High school is the best school in the Orange unified school district
by Cameroon21 October 22, 2018
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A drug trading hotspot in Villa Park, California.
Jimmy: Hey do you have any cocaine?

Bob: Sure, meet me at Villa Park High School.

Mr Lee: The fuck you say?!
by ItsRec March 21, 2021
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Trailer Park Villa is the monicker given to your typical low-life, trailer park domicile. The term is used sarcastically as most of these places are complete shitholes.
Hey, did you see Brandie's new pad? Yeah bruh, it's total Trailer Park Villa! Yeah, TPV YO!!
by TPV YO March 10, 2021
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