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1. Any news article, monograph, Facebook post, Tweet, or any other form of communication that is in any way even slightly favorable to Donald Trump.

2. Anything, anything at all, that leftists decide it is. That means you could literally squat in the street in Cucamonga, California and take a shit, and it could be considered Russian Propaganda, provided a member of the mainstream media so proclaims it.
"Did you hear that Trump actually didn't murder anyone?"

"Ah, bull, that's just Russian Propaganda."

"Oh, of course. All hail, Hillary the Innocent, our queen and rightful president!"
by Trouble Clef December 10, 2016
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An online political, economic, or military-based post/posters, similar to China's 50 Cent Party, who absurdly advocate for the greatness and glorification of Russia. Often dismissed by conservatives as a liberal myth (yet they do not dismiss the 50 Cent Army as so).

These posts/propagandists often have a poor understanding of the English language, default accounts, and use absurd claims unsupported by fact. They can often be found in the comment sections of Youtube videos related to Russia's politics, economy, military, and government.
Conservative: Russian propaganda is a Libtard, the only propaganda is theirs.
by Tiefflieger July 27, 2017
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