The informal name of the Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II, a German heavy tank disigned, built and deployed in World War II. With almost 70 metric tons of Amour and the 88mm L/71 gun, this tank was even more deadly than it's "little" brother, the Tiger I. It did suffer reliability problems, but when properly maintained and fueled, it could take out targets over 1500m.
Kurt Knispel died in the battle of Berlin when his King Tiger blew up after being peppered by the Russians.
by Dragonballs January 8, 2014
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A Gay man who seduces multiple straight men into poly-amorous marriage.
Did you hear Jeff just got married to both Logan and Ethan? He is officially a Tiger King now.
by Pandemic Dubya April 16, 2020
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To feed someone you hate to the tigers like Carol Baskin.
Bitch pissed me off, so I Tiger Kinged that bitch!
by Jr0ckk April 6, 2020
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When an older homosexual man seduces younger, straight men with elaborate gifts or drugs into a sexual relationship they have been "Tiger Kinged".
Yo, did you see John leave with that older gay guy at the bar , I think he got Tiger Kinged!
by JuvenileJeff March 26, 2020
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Inspired by the Netflix documentary Tiger King, Tiger Kinging is the art form of manipulating and verbally abusing others to get what you want.
My senior year I ran the party scene! I was Tiger Kinging hard! I had all my roommates going out and getting kegs and promoting my parties for me.
by Luluseal117 March 26, 2020
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a netflix documentary that is overhyped and i do not recommend watching it unless you love tigers
Skylar- “Hey have you seen tiger king?”
Kayla- “No that show is bullshit
by kaylaa818 April 14, 2020
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A sub-specie of the tiger family. It is known for it's attention to escapism as well as the lack of a recognizable social system. A Tiger Kings is usually accompanied by pure-breeding dogs which act as its guards. However, when hunger strikes, Tiger Kings has been observed to devour it's lackeys. It often reproduces by inbreeding as there is no healthy females available.
'Tiger Kings' is a very ill tempered sub specie of the Tigers.
by R-Scape Animal Specialists February 23, 2011
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