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One rich mother-fucker, who happens to have a lot of hair - and just as much heart. Usually has parent's names like 'Chuck' or 'Jean'. Apparently has an infatuation with 'skull fucking'. Thrives in casinos.
"Did somebody say... skull fuck?" - Runyon

"Are we gonna go to little hut?" - Runyon

"Alright. Alright." - Runyon

"Chuck! It's me! Luke!"
by the deal sealer January 29, 2009
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Noun. When you shit out a massive telephone pole sized turd, so big you don't know how you didnt go out like Elvis pushing it out, a medical marvel that an anus could have that much elasticity without damage, the heinous log ranging in dimensions between a full size can of Pringles up to 3 standard peanut butter jars stacked on top of one another, so big that if found in the wilderness it would perpetuate the legend that Bigfoot may in fact be real & is pooping in your county. It's also commonly a fairly dense specimen that holds it's shape indefinitely no matter how long it soaks in the water, it will hold it's form so well you could pick it up & use it as a weapon, or donate it to an art school for the pottery class since it's pretty damn close to a clay like consistency. If you left one of these at your friends house, it most likely ended the friendship. It's water & chemical resistant, fire retardant, the only true way to get this fucker down the toilet is by breaking it apart with brutal force with a harder material, perhaps a carbide machete would be best, or if one is in a pinch a sturdy metal coat hanger can be used.
Jake: Man I just took a big runyon at Phil's house & I can't get it to go down!

Steve: Groty man he's gonna kill you if he has to deal with it . Better get the poop knife & start hacking it apart.
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by Cadaver February 21, 2018
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