A run-on-sentence is similar to any other standard sentence except just goes on and on and on indefinitely without actually telling you anything important beyond the first clause because a run-on-sentence is actually an ongoing series of clauses that should really be separated out into their own distinct sentences but aren't due to carelessness or hyperactivity observed most frequently in college students finishing last-minute essays or by those who have consumed far beyond the daily recommended dose of coffee, amphetamines, or snickers bars.
Run-on-Sentence seen above.
by Lynn Z. December 13, 2009
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My girl scared me last month with her run on sentence, but thankfully she punctuated
by guis June 21, 2011
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A sentence that goes on for too long without proper punctuation.
This is an example of a run-on sentence: First I went to my friends house and then we played games for a while then we got something to eat and afterward we jumped on the bed for a while before going to sleep after midnight.
by kyle.biddle January 20, 2011
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A sentence that is excruciating long, as it goes on without a period. Not recommended by anyone, especially people who have to read what you wrote.
Person 1: So today I had this really weird experience where a random guy gave a hot dog to me and walked away, but then later he came back and wanted the hot dog back even though I just ate it, so he called the cops and pinned me to a lamppost but I escaped and told everyone on the next street that there was this lunatic with hot dogs and they should avoid that street but they thought I was a lunatic so they chased me around the city until I got on a train and rode to Oakland where some really buff dudes wanted my money for some reason so they chased me around the city until some cop cars ran them over, but the cops heard about me so they shot at me and I stole their guns and shot them in the face but then this lady heard me shoot them so I shot her and I started running and there were helicopters and explosions and I may have just taken out the entire police force of Oakland, and come to think of it, I did drop that nuke on Oakland so maybe everyone there is dead, what do you think?
Person 2: I'm calling the cops.
Person 1 then shoots Person 2 in the face.
-An example of a run-on-sentence
by ThatPyro March 19, 2016
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