It means in Swedish "Runkar Snoppen" or when translated to english "Jerking Off", which is not really a direct or perfect translation but you get the point right?
Guy 1: Hey can you say i like to Run Car Snow Pen a guy.
Guy 2:Ok??? I like to Run Car Snow Pen a guy.
Guy 1: HA you fucking gay.
by Captain Slav1 October 15, 2020
If you say it in sweden it would sound like "Masturbating the dick"
Tourist: Run car snow pen

Swedish Emil: NIIIIIICE
by FLT KING May 9, 2017
A combination of english words that are very funny in swedish. It translates to jerking off your penis. It's a wordcombination that kids in Sweden learn in elementary school, and it's used to jockeboi prank your friends.
Can you say 'run car snow pen', fast a couple of times?

Run car snow pen, runka snow pen, runkar snoppen!
by anna anka May 5, 2020
A joke so dirty, only Swedes can understand
Ey dude can you say: 🏃🏼🚗❄️✏️?
Run car snow pen?
by Anonymus 1975 December 11, 2016